Alice Bone - "Been learning to drive with Style-Steering Driving School, being a new driver, John is very patient and happy to keep going over thing, very happy and would recommend."

Natalie Crew - "John is a fantastic instructor. I was really nervous about driving at the start, but John was really calm and seems to have a lot of knowledge. I would really recommend."

Andrea Levy - "Patient, understanding and great communication. Thank you!"

Alesandra Lepori - "Excellent instructor. Would highly recommend!"

Charlotte-elizabeth Goodey - "John has never once spoken with an annoyed tone or lost his temper or nerve . He has a way of teaching that injects life saving info into your mind so your rember things to a point it becomes like breathing and you don't have to think about it.

I have enjoyed his lessons and will continue to have lessons with John as soon as his business gets up and running again. I can only thank John for everything his helped me with so far ."

Afsaneh Esmaeily - "A very good instructor .

patient,and polite with the student and he can guide you well.he knows everything about being a good instructor . I really appreciate him."

Marion Flack - "At the age of 50, I have finally plucked up the courage to learn to drive, I was so nervous, but John instantly put me at ease and I am amazed how far I have come in only two lessons, looking forward to many more lesson"

Bobby Day - "Passed my test first time thanks to John. Top man!"

Dylan Fallows - "John is a fantastic instructor. I passed my test with only one minor. I would highly recommend him."

Isabella Bateman - "John is an amazing instructor, he goes through everything throughly and makes sure you understand what’s going on and how to react. He also asks questions as you’re driving so that it gets your brain thinking about different scenarios that could happen on the road. He’s the best!"

Natalia Bachryj - "Great instructor, he really cares about you being safe while driving and makes sure you feel confident. He takes notes during a lesson and gives them to you to help you learn which I find is brilliant to help you remember everything from your lessons, definitely recommend him for your lessons!"

Joshua Czarnocki - "Great instructor, explains everything clearly and takes things nice and slow if you need it. Good prices regarding lessons too"

Emma Ince - "Excellent driving instructor! John is a very reliable, patient and enthusiastic instructor; he makes notes on everything you learn each lesson and sets targets for future lessons. John encourages you to be a safe driver and ensures you feel confident and comfortable driving for your practical test and real life scenarios. Would highly recommend!"

Gürkan Güven - "Very good instructor. Paint, calm and good guide all over the period in every case"

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